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Mosaic Hex Puzzle 2 enhances mental skills and helps to develop visual perception skills, hand eye coordination and learn to recognize colors.

Mosaic Hex Puzzle 2

Mirror Mosaic will give fun and exercise to brain. This game will help to improve distinguish between different colors and improve brain skill to draw mirror pattern

Mirror Mosaic

Mosaic Beads puzzle is a creative game which allows you to learn as he plays. It will help you to improve creativity and accuracy.

Mosaic Beads Puzzle

Word Slide is creative and addictive word puzzle game which sharpen your brain, improve vocabulary, spelling and puzzle skills.

Word Slide

Pixel Alphabet is a full fun educational games which provide a very interactive and easy way to learn alphabets in different language.

Pixel Alphabet

Do you want to improve your logic and problem-solving skill? Sudoku Beans - board game is an easy to learn logic-based number-placement puzzle

Sudoku Beans

Memory Match Puzzle is the most fun and helpful game for all age to improve their memory and visual skills.

Memory Match Puzzle

Merge World Tycoon is combination of merge, idle and clicker game. Tap and drag the car to merge.

Merge Car

Mowgli Climb is Exciting and fun physics based adventure game! You can get exciting experience of jumping & running .

Mowgli Climb

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